The Cure

zombie cureI hope I have shown, through careful analysis of the monster itself,  that the major cause of the zombie infestation is the loss of transcendence.   So, it seems to me, that the cure for the zombie outbreak is the recovery of the transcendent.

Zombies offer a picture of humanity if we are just material, just physical, just stuff.

Zombies are, then, a response to the materialism, or physicalism, or stuffism that came to define human beings and the universe we inhabit.

By their very presence they ask us if we really believe love and anger are just the product of chemical and electrical events in our bodies.  They ask us if we really believe there is no higher purpose or meaning in life.    They ask us it we really believe that there is no objective Good, or Truth or Beauty.

If we’d once again answer a collective yes to their questions, the zombies would happily return to the earth and rest in peace.

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    1. Hi Dani, I’m working my way up to the cure. I can’t help but go back into the diagnosis phase when I notice something. So it takes a while. I’ve hinted at what I think it is, but then another symptom pops up. Stay tuned, it’s coming. I hope you enjoy reading about the symptoms.

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