Nazi zombies aren’t zombies.

Zombie NaziI play Call of Duty–all of them (except 3, I play only on the PC).   My buddies and I loved the zombie mod on World at War.  I think our LAN party record was level 18, we are old and rarely practice.  One of my sons got to level 29 with just three guys.  Anyway, the point of all this is Nazi zombies (and the other bad guy zombies in the COD games: Imperial Japanese, Soviet Russian and Vietnamese varieties).

Nazi zombies aren’t real zombies.  Yes, I am old school–the true zombie is the Romero zombie.  These are the standard by which all other zombie are to be measured.

As I suggested earlier, zombies cannot be fit into categories of evil because they are monsters that embody philosophical materialism, a philosophy for which there is not room for moral classification of evil.

Nazi zombies sort of break the rule–as zombies they are amoral, just hungry, but they in COD: WaW they are dressed in clothes that a Nazi would wear so they, in a sense, clothe themselves in Nazi ideology.  A sort of borrowed evil.

The film Dead Snow goes so far as to imbue its zombies in a stereotypical Nazi hatred of, well . . . everybody, and also gives them, if I recall, a revenge narrative.

Perhaps we are not comfortable with a monster that isn’t evil; we cannot face the implications of our own worldviews that the zombie monster interrogates.

But just because we hid under the blanket, doesn’t mean the monsters disappear.


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